January 8–9, 2019

Tucson, Arizona

The Arizona Food Summit connects people, producers, resources, and food for a healthy Arizona. These are the 2019 Food Summit themes:

  1. Successful Partnerships & Collaborators
  2. Outreach & Community Education
  3. Smashing Regulatory Barriers
  4. Building Food System Infrastructure
  5. Innovation & the Future of Arizona Agriculture


Tuesday, January 8, 2019

9:00–9:30           Registration

9:30–10:30        Introductory Remarks

  • Liz Foster, moderator, Executive Director, Maricopa County Farm Bureau
  • Mark Killian, Director, Arizona Department of Agriculture (AZDA)
  • Sheila Sjolander, Assistant Director of Public Health Services, Arizona Department of Health Services (DHS)
  • Frank Migali, Deputy Assistant Director of Community Service Programs, Division of Aging & Adult Services, Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES)

10:30–10:45   Why AZDA & Food Access? 

  • Sharma Torrens, Marketing Manager, AZDA

10:45–11:45     Five-Year Action Plan: Food & Agriculture Policy Committee

  • Cassie Lyman, Chair, Food & Agriculture Policy Advisory Committee (FAPAC)

12:00–1:30        Lunch and Keynote Speakers

  • Keisha Tatem, State Conservationist, Natural Resources Conservation Service Arizona, USDA
  • James Mago, State Executive Director, Arizona Farm Service Agency, USDA

1:45–3:00           FAPAC Workshop: 2019 Focal Topics

  • Cassie Lyman, FAPAC Chair

3:00–3:15                      BREAK

3:15–4:30           Arizona Food System Success Stories

  • Understanding Community Food Networks with Ken Meter: A Maricopa County Case Study (BALL ROOM)
    • Ken Meter, Food System Analyst, Crossroads Resource Center
  • Panel: We Need Each Other!: Partnering to Build a Local Food Value Chain (CATALINA ROOM)
    • Audra Christophel, Local Food Pathways Manager, Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona
    • Rani Olson, Farm-to-School Chef, Food Services Department, Tucson Unified School District
  • Panel: Growing the Local Food Movement through Partnerships and Innovation (JEWISH HERITAGE CENTER)
    • Dave Brady, Board President, Sun Produce Cooperative
    • Stewart Jacobson, Food Safety Project Coordinator, AZDA
    • David Schwake, R.D., Food Service Director (retired), Litchfield Elementary School District
    • Rachel Gomez-Acosta, Wellness Coordinator, Concordia Charter School
    • Carol Diemer, Program Coordinator, FCHS/SNAP-Ed, Food Systems, Maricopa County Cooperative Extension
    • Kelley Villa, Farm to Fork Programs Manager, Pinnacle Prevention
  • Arizona Health Zone: Engaging with Communities to Promote Health (MULTI-PURPOSE ROOM, 2nd FLOOR)
    • Natalia Santos, Food Systems Program Coordinator, AZ Health Zone-Cooperative Extension Nutritional Sciences (Pima County)
    • Jessica Davenport, Health Program Manager, Department of Health Services, Bureau of Nutrition and Physical Activity

5:00           Reception: Lookout Bar & Grille, Westward Look Resort, 245 E. Ina Rd.


Wednesday, January 9, 2019

7:30–8:00                           Registration and Breakfast

8:00–8:45                           Alleviating Hunger: University of Arizona Cooperative Extension and Arizona Agriculture

  • Dr. Shane Burgess, Dean, UA College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

9:00–10:15                        Arizona Food System Success Stories

  • Biotech, What the Heck? (LIBRARY, 2nd FLOOR)
    • Katie Aikins, Director of Education, Arizona Farm Bureau
  • Panel: Foods of Our Ancestors: Revitalization of Traditional Crops and Agricultural Methods (BALLROOM)
    • Nina Sajovec, Executive Director, Ajo Center for Sustainable Agriculture
    • Sterling Johnson, Farm Manager, Ajo Center for Sustainable Agriculture
    • Ramona Button, Owner/Founder, Ramona Farms
    • Velvet Button, Marketing, Ramona Farms
    • Terrol Dew Johnson, Co-founder, Tohono O’odham Community Action
  • Panel: Local Production for Local Consumption (CATALINA ROOM)
    • Chaz Shelton, Founder & CEO, Merchant’s Garden
    • John Rueb, Owner, Forever Yong Farm
    • Michael Muthart, Co-owner, Top Knot Farms
    • Sarah Brown, community farmer, Las Milpitas Community Farm
  • Addressing Food Security through Collaboration (MULTI-PURPOSE ROOM, 2nd FLOOR)
    • Jacob Jones-Martinez, Program Coordinator, Cochise County Health & Social Services
    • Elyse Guides, Executive Director, Farm Express

10:15–10:30                      BREAK

10:30–11:45                      Arizona Food System Success Stories

  • Reducing Food Waste, Reducing Hunger (BALLROOM)
    • Pam Giannonatti, Zero Hunger Zero Waste Program Manager, Kroger/Fry’s Foods
    • Dana Yost, Director of Supply Chain, Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona
  • Panel: Urban Gleaners Partner with Rural Growers Pima-Cochise Counties (MULTI-PURPOSE ROOM, 2nd FLOOR)
    • Barbara Eiswerth, Executive Director, Iskashitaa Refugee Network
    • Nina Sajovec, Executive Director, Ajo Center for Sustainable Agriculture
    • Cynthia Aspengren, Nutrition Educator & Food Safety Instructor, UA Cooperative Extension Service
    • Dena Cowan, Garden Supervisor, Mission Garden, Friends of Tucson
  • Seeds: The Forgotten Key to Arizona’s Sustainable Agriculture (LIBRARY, 2nd FLOOR)
    • Bill McDorman, Executive Director, Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance
    • Joy Hought, Executive Director, Native Seeds/SEARCH
  • Community Farming: Tucson Village Farm & Las Milpitas Community Farm (CATALINA ROOM)
    • Natalie Shepp, Program Coordinator, Healthy Living Programs, Pima County Cooperative Extension, University of Arizona
    • Elena Ortiz, Farm Engagement Manager and Advocacy Coordinator, Las Milpitas Community Farm

12:00–12:45                   Lunch & Networking

12:45–1:30                     Wrap-Up

  • Adrienne Udarbe, Executive Director, Pinnacle Prevention

2:00                                     TOUR: Felicia’s Farm, 3761 E. River Road
Native Seeds/SEARCH, 3584 E. River Road

3:30                                     TOURTucson Village Farm, 4210 N Campbell Ave